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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

5 years ago I realized that I was saying no thanks to my friends a LOT! I was so worried about budgeting that I was letting life slip past. I knew I needed something extra. I found Scentsy, and it has been life changing! I started being able to say YES to going out with my friends on a regular basis! I went to current movies in theatres , would go to the newest restaurants we wanted to try, visit museums & plays and go on many adventures throughout our beautiful province of Nova Scotia, however I think the best part about Scentsy was making friends from around the globe while being on All Expense paid trips earned through Scentsy. Due to having Scentsy in my life I have been to Kansas City, Anaheim, California (which Scentsy took us to Disneyland!) And Austin, Texas where I took my best friend to spoil her too!

Let me be honest when I say I initially joined for some extra spending cash but that is not why I stayed. My full time career and passion is an automotive technician. Yup you heard me right I get dirty for a living and all day long I work with a wonderful group of guys, but I needed something more. Scentsy allowed me to build lasting friendships and to travel even more. So far in 5 years I have earned 5 promotions, 3 incentive trips and lots of other offered goodies! (You dont know a trip until you go on a Scentsy trip. They spoil you rotten!) I cant wait to see what the next few years will bring!

Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you would like info on joining the family

Mailin Bowles